Value Engineering

Value Engineering

A lot of companies talk about value engineering. It's been the buzzword in the industry for the last few decades. But value engineering has been an intricate part of how we do business for 40 years.

Focus on Function

Value engineering starts with focusing on the function of a product or process and asking, “Can we achieve the same utility in a different way?” When you begin by examining function, you aren't just creating solutions to the problems. You're opening up a wider, more creative dialogue where those “a-ha!” moments can occur. Our process makes discovering alternative approaches, designs, and systems happen more often because our team of cross-trained engineers understands function from multiple vantage points.

It's harder to go back to basics and look at the function, rather than just keep solving problems, which is why many firms resolve issues and call it value engineering. True value engineering requires a lot of arduous work, but it saves money--lots of money, so we do the rigorous effort it requires.

Design Assistance

When you are looking for value engineering on your design, we are the partner you need. Not only do we always find ways to accomplish the same result with less money, but we also maintain the structural integrity of your design and preserve your vision. Our 40 years of experience informs our value engineering process, so our plans aren't just ideas, they are grounded in thorough knowledge of the entire mechanical, electrical and plumbing processes needed.

Longtime Vendor Relationships

We have longstanding relationships with large electrical, mechanical and plumbing contractors, so we can negotiate better prices on equipment and services than you could attain on your own. When you work with Burgess Services, you get the benefit of our experience, creativity and relationships.

Bring us your designs and value engineering challenges. We welcome the opportunity to work with you. Call us today.