Mechanical Construction

Mechanical construction is the heart and soul of what we do. Not only will we keep you on schedule and within budget, but we never lose sight that mechanical is the most important element to your end user. It doesn't matter how beautiful a building is if the lights and heat don't work properly. And ultimately, your reputation is dependent on constructing buildings that people enjoy being in.

Burgess Services can oversee every aspect of the mechanical construction so that your result is a people-friendly building that has fewer management issues once it's occupied. We can manage:

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Controls
  • Installation
  • Smoke Control Testing
  • Test and Balance

We have worked on highly complex and rigorous projects, like the Headquarters of US Army Corps of Engineers as well as large, high-security data centers and the Denver County Jail. Owners and contractors trust us to get them to their temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO) as efficiently as possible.

Mechanical Installation

A successful installation is integral to the success of your build. Our engineers are cross-trained in multiple engineering disciplines and manage the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and controls installations with exacting scrutiny. When you work with us, our team becomes part of yours, and we take every step available to empower your team to deliver excellence.

Mechanical Cost Estimating

Everything hinges on controlling costs, so we spare no effort in forecasting jobs. Our estimates are based on everything we've learned in the field in the last 40 years. We have been in the trenches on every type of build--from hotels to courthouses to data centers--from start to finish. So we understand all the factors that come into play. Things like weather, location, wages, market fluctuations, and industry changes are just some of the things we use to get our cost estimates as close as humanly possible to the actual costs.

Mechanical QA/QC

Unlike other firms, our quality checks are built into our process. They are a continual function of the work we do, so we head problems off often and early. During QA/QC we always keep you in the loop, communicating openly throughout our entire process. You enjoy a no-surprises process as we work together to find immediate resolutions. You'll especially appreciate our process at the end of the project when you can get through mechanical inspections more quickly and easily.

We Finish What We Start

When Burgess commits to a client, we see it through. There has never been a client who had to hire someone else to redo our work or finish it. And in our 40-year history, there has only been one claim filed against us. Issues always arise during projects, but we communicate often and negotiate regularly throughout the process to stay on top of your concerns.

If mechanical is your dilemma, we are your best source for solutions. Call us to discuss your mechanical needs.