LEED Certification

With over $2Billion in LEED projects under our belt, Burgess Services is the Colorado expert in sustainable builds. You can trust us to deliver the level of LEED certification you need by managing the requirements from start to finish. With 40 years of experience in HVAC, plumbing, controls, piping, insulation, and smoke control testing we have complete knowledge of the LEED certification process.

LEED Requirements

A Green/LEED build is not for the faint of heart. It is rigorous and difficult. Not only do we comprehend the requirements for each certification level inside and out, but we also understand the many municipal and government requisites involved. We have done platinum certified builds, which command the most stringent of compliance standards. And as mechanical contracting experts, we know how to make HVAC, plumbing and controls LEED cert-ready, so your LEED inspections go smoothly.

LEED Cost Savings Analysis

We understand the requirements and benefits, of LEED--both how the end user views the property and how the occupants will benefit financially from using "sustainables." We can supply accurate cost savings analysis so you can justify your expenses and have a more marketable end product.

US Green Build Council Members

As members of the U.S. Green Building Council, we stay up to date on the latest regulations and our staff undertakes regular training on LEEDS standards and new developments. This continuing education makes it easy for us to discern between what is new and important in Green building and what is just the latest shiny object in the industry.

Green / Sustainable Building

Building sustainably, with LEED certifications isn't just good public relations for your building, it expedites the leasing and sale of the space. The end user gets cost savings and tax credits, and Earth gets one more point in its favor. Burgess Services makes sure that every step in the construction process, from the cost analysis, to change orders, to submittals are all in line with LEEDS standards.

Certification Upgrades

Are you currently a bronze certification, looking to upgrade to silver? Does your silver certification need to become gold? We have done every type of certification, even platinum. We know the rigors and requirements of each level. Even better, we can make achieving those certifications as cost and time effective as possible.

Burgess Services will get you to LEED certification on time and budget with the least amount of headaches. Call us to discuss your LEED project.