Green Build/Sustainable

For us, a sustainable, Green build isn't an add-on. It's the heart of what we do every day in HVAC, plumbing, controls, piping, insulation and smoke control testing. We find the delicate balance between the needs of construction and installation and the environment. And this isn't just about the use of energy-efficient materials. We also create systems that leave a light footprint on the environment over the full life-cycle of the structure. For Burgess Services, Green building is designed, built, renovated, operated, or reused in an ecological and resource-efficient manner.

We create Green Build structures to protect the occupants' health, improve productivity, use energy and water more efficiently, and reduce the building's overall impact on the environment.

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

While a Green Build may be more costly up front, the lower operating costs over the life of the building should more than pay for the investment. But you have to evaluate the costs properly to be sure you don't overspend on sustainability. We are experts at analyzing the project life cycle and determining the appropriate up-front expenditure. We can save you time and money by applying our proven analytical method to determine your optimal Green build budget.

The Big Green Picture

Our engineers are cross-trained in all construction and installation disciplines, so as a team, we can incorporate the best, most cost-saving products and systems into your design from the start. We look at the entire build as a whole, instead of a collection of stand-alone systems, so your project's green and sustainability goals are integrated across the entire building process.

Green Building Design & Construction

We use design professionals with Green Build experience who oversee the entire design process and keep sustainability in focus. We select construction teams that are committed to the Green vision and can make the designs work in the field. If needed, we can also modify the RFQs and RFPs to ensure contractors have appropriate qualifications to identify, select, and implement an integrated system of Green Build measures.

Over our 40 years in business, Burgess Services has worked on every level of Green building. From materials efficiency to platinum LEED certifications. We can help you determine what is the right budget for your Green Build and the products and processes that will realize your goals.