Community Development

Burgess Services is now developing and managing community building projects. With an emphasis on workforce housing and underdeveloped urban areas, we are the right construction partner that can also help you navigate through the challenges that are unique to community development projects. Unlike other community developers, we maintain rigorous attention to detail from start to finish and have a broad depth of knowledge in every aspect from development to construction.

From Concept to Reality

Without a thorough understanding of the permitting, zoning, public financing, and community outreach necessary, your project could easily tie you up for a decade before you even break ground. Don't suffer that. Our President and General Manager, Denise Burgess, was the Chair of the Board for Denver Urban Renewal Authority and has a complete knowledge of the municipalities' red tape. (Under her leadership, the city paid off the Tax Increment Funding bonds on the South Broadway Plaza 20 years early and restructured the bonds for Stapleton and saved the city a couple million dollars.)

When you combine Burgess Services' expertise in construction with the understanding of the “powers that be,” you get a community development partner that can take you from concept to reality in the shortest timeline possible.


From buying the land to testing the soil, to performing due diligence to understanding the applicable EPA rules, the development process is best handled by competent professionals. We will bring you through every step of it and ensure that the site will work for the build you've proposed.


We can help you get the right financing for your build through tax credits, grants, and the Denver Office of Economic Development. We know what is available, what features will be attractive to those programs, and how to submit an effective application. Don't spend your precious time learning about your options, or hiring a consultant who doesn't know.

Construction Management

It's well known that this is a city of relationships. Hiring the right General Contractor who has the right experience and favorable relationships with the building department will go a long way towards mitigating the typical interruptions and stalls to the construction process. Burgess Services also has over $2 Billion in LEEDS projects experience, which is crucial for community development projects.


We will write the requests for quotes and navigate the selection process with you for a mixed use or commercial architect. We will then write the request for proposals for land use, water rights, general contractors, real estate agents and building management. We've been designing, cost estimating, managing construction and providing quality control assessments for hotels, courthouses, data centers and many other types of buildings for over four decades. We know all the things that need to get done from compliance to planning to building to managing.

Municipality List

If you get funding from the city, there is a regulatory list that has to be completed and managed successfully to keep your funding. The list includes a monthly administrative reporting of your compliance, which is just one of the many issues we can take off your plate and manage for you.

Community Development projects can be massive in bureaucratic scale and have the accompanying frustrations and delays. Call or email us and get your project into the right hands from the start.