Construction Management

Solve More Problems

You need a construction management team that is your eyes and ears on the job, and that keeps you continually informed. You require problem solvers who can eliminate the hundreds of decisions that would otherwise bog you down every day. Burgess Services is that go-to team. We manage your overall construction project through every detail so you can focus on the big picture and be more successful.

Design Assistance

We have the expertise to evaluate every detail of your plan and insert designs that fit your goals and your budget. When we do a design assist, you can be sure every inch of the design we submit back to you has been thoroughly costed and vetted for efficiency. We will outline the pros and cons of your options, so you have a definitive means to make final decisions.

Cutting-Edge or Costly?

We have experience with the latest processes and equipment, so we can differentiate the expensive, unnecessary bells and whistles from the cutting-edge industry solutions that are worth your investment.

Control Cost Overruns

Budgets may well be your biggest headache, but we are experts at monitoring and controlling expenses. We can review and advise on change orders to mitigate costs before they happen. And we understand that solutions that look good on paper don't always work in the field. Our experienced team has real world answers that will keep your costs in line.

Unbiased Assessments

When your contractors recommend change orders, we can provide non-biased assessments of those orders so you can have a clear evaluation from which to make the best decision.

Manage Installations

When you hire Burgess Services, we manage the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, controls and installation. We have managed hundreds of sites and know how to navigate the inevitable changes and fluctuations in the schedule to avoid a loss of productivity, so you stay as close to schedule as possible.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Our business was founded on having a superior QA/QC processes. This isn’t something we do after the job is completed, it’s built into our process from start to finish.

Certified, Cross Trained Engineers

We have structural, electrical, mechanical, and civil engineers. And all of our engineers have their Corps of Engineers QA/QC Certification and Trimble® Cost Estimating Certification. And unlike many other firms, all of our engineers are cross-trained, so each can think through your project from all angles which makes our solutions more creative and through.

Flexible Workforce

Sometimes a union workforce is your best option and sometimes not. We are able to hire union and nonunion workers, so you have more flexibility.

Transparent Communication

We keep you informed through every step of our process. We are in frequent communication with you, so there are no surprises.

You can learn more about Burgess Construction Management, in this case study. Call or email us to discuss your project.