Construction Cost Estimate & Review

While you may know Burgess Services for meticulous design review , QA/QC, and construction management, you may not know that our expertise in those areas also makes us extremely skillful cost estimators and reviewers. We can help you secure the right amount of funding by providing you with the most accurate cost estimates.

There is a lot riding on getting your cost estimates right. So why do other companies purposefully overestimate? Why do they use inexperienced analysts who are whizzes with software, but have never been in the field? We don't know either. When the correct estimate can mean the difference between securing the right funding or not, it's too important not to get it right—the first time.

Estimates Informed By Field Experience

We understand how a facility works, so when we build a cost estimate, we take into account all the issues that affect costs like government regulations, LEED requirements, prevailing wages, site logistics, and weather. We look as far down the road as possible to anticipate the marketplace and fluctuations in the industry. Our engineers are all cross-trained across disciplines so they can provide thorough assessments from a wider angle to our estimators. In short, we have had boots on the ground on so many building projects that we know all the things to include—and not include—in a cost estimate. Our estimates are very close to actual costs, so you have less stress and headaches throughout the whole build.

Commercial Construction Cost Estimating

Your equipment costs can surge on a job if you don't have good recommendations and cost comparisons. We not only use Trimble® cost estimating software, but we also use historical data from completed jobs to help us get the numbers right.

Longtime Relationships

Our Senior Estimator, Tom Traxler has 40 years of experience in the field, and he still loves all the rigorous details of estimating. Tom worked on the estimates of the original Denver International Airport in the early 1990's. DIA still relies on us for accurate cost estimating and review, as we have been their on-call estimator since 2008.

Trust Burgess for accurate cost estimates and cost review services. Call or email us today to discuss your needs.