About Us

Clyde Burgess

Founded in 1974 by Clyde Burgess, Burgess Services is an American entrepreneur success story. Clyde Burgess, a retired Army Veteran, started the company as a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) company. With a Ford pickup truck and a vision of doing a better job than the HVAC company he was currently working for, Clyde began designing and installing HVAC systems in the Denver Metro area.

Government Contractor

As a former military man, Clyde understood the government systems and structures. It made him uniquely positioned to bid on and win government contracts. One of his first government contracts was with Fitzsimmons Army Reserve Center. This and other government commitments helped build the business while giving Clyde valuable knowledge and experience in large scale projects.


Before long, Clyde became known for his quality assurance and quality control work. Because unlike most other HVAC companies, Clyde performed quality inspections of his work with military precision throughout the entire installation and maintenance process. When the building inspector arrived to review the HVAC system, Clyde would perform the recommended changes on the spot, which made remarkable improvements in efficiency.

One of his clients, a large general contracting firm, noticed the unusual productivity of Clyde's QA/QC process. They asked if Burgess could take over the QA/QC on their jobs. Burgess' results on these early QA/QC jobs was significantly better than the firms who traditionally did that type of work. Consequently, Clyde added QA/QC services to his business. Construction management naturally followed.

Denise Burgess

Denise Burgess, already in a successful radio career, was convinced she would never join her Dad's business. When Clyde asked if she could help him with his marketing proposals and presentations, she acquiesced. Her efforts brought in more clients, and she found she then needed to manage the finance administration of the business. Denise worked with her Dad from 1994 through 2002, during which time she earned a construction management certificate from the University of Denver, and learned about the profit and loss centers of the company. When Clyde passed away in 2002, Denise was ready to assume the helm of Burgess Services.

In 2003, Denise decided to focus the company's efforts on QA/QC and construction management and moved away from the HVAC portion of the business. Since then Burgess Services has completed many large projects like the Wellington Web Building and the Corps of Engineers building in Miami as well as very large data centers around the country.

Community Development

Like her father, Denise has continued to grow the business. Since 2010, she has added community development into Burgess' portfolio. Her experience on the Denver Urban Renewal Authority as well as being a part of almost all the major projects in downtown Denver have made Burgess Services a powerful resource for Denver urban development. While we will still offer the best QA/QC, mechanical construction, and construction management, community development is the next frontier for Burgess Services. We think Clyde would be proud.

Awards and Community Recognition

  • The Clara Brown Award Business Women of the Year, Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce (2004)
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award
  • District excellence award from the Small Business Administration
  • Commissioner, Denver Urban Renewal Authority, 2004- Present
  • Co-Chair, City and County of Denver Construction Empowerment Initiative Advisory Council, Appointed by Mayor John Hickenlooper, (2007-2008)