Services we Offer

  • Green Build/Sustainable

    Sustainability is so much a part of our company ethos; we hardly ever call out something as “green building.” It's just good construction practices, and it's how we do business.

  • Mechanical Construction

    Our mechanical construction is second to none. With a focus on value engineering and quality assurance, we bring reliability, efficiency, and the highest of ethical standards to every project.

  • QA/QC

    With QA/QC built into the framework of all our processes, quality isn't something we check for after the fact, it's what we strive for from start to finish.

  • Construction Management

    Burgess Services can manage your overall projects through every detail so you can focus on the big picture.

The Burgess Advantage

  • A legacy of excellence

    If we can't do a job with meticulous attention to excellence, we don't do it. In fact, in 40 years no one has ever had to hire someone else to fix or complete our work because we finish what we start, and we do it right the first time.

  • Commitment to Quality

    Since 1974, Burgess Services has been a leader in innovative QA/QC processes. In fact, as the foundation of our company, we have built quality and value into everything we do.

  • Integrity & Reliability

    In 40 years, we've only had one claim filed against us. One. That because we love what we do and we operate with the highest standards of integrity and reliability.